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Welcome to Be Productive
A rapidly growing network of small coworking workplaces designed to provide a quiet, productive environment for professionals seeking long-term dedicated desks.

We stand out from the competition by offering our services in residential areas, with comfortable workstations and minimal distractions.

Our hassle-free subscription management is handled through a mobile app, while cleaning and maintenance are outsourced to ensure the smooth operation of our coworking spaces.
Advantages of Be Productive working spaces
  • 1
    Prime residential locations
    We target neighbourhoods, making it easier for professionals to work close to home and avoid long commutes
  • 2
    Quiet, focused environment
    Our spaces are designed for productivity, with minimal distractions and a smaller number of users
  • 3
    Comfortable workstations
    We prioritise ergonomic furniture and functional workspaces to ensure a comfortable working experience
  • 4
    Dedicated desks and long-term plans
    Our users enjoy the stability and convenience of having a dedicated workspace tailored to their needs
  • 5
    Local partnerships
    We collaborate with nearby cafes to provide quality coffee, fostering a sense of community and supporting local businesses
What You'll Get
We are committed to helping you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless launch and ongoing success for your business
Break-even in 12-15 Months
Our carefully designed business model ensures a relatively quick return on your investment, with most franchisees achieving break-even within 12 to 15 months. We provide all the support you need to set up, operate, and grow your business successfully
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Comprehensive Support
As a Be Productive franchisee, you'll benefit from our end-to-end support, which includes:
  1. Assistance in finding a suitable location
  2. Renovation management and guidance
  3. Ordering the necessary furniture and equipment
  4. Comprehensive IT infrastructure setup
  5. Legal support and operational guidance
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