Workplace designed for digital workers
Ergo chairs
Wi-Fi: 500Mbps
Dedicated desks
24/7 access
A/C and fans
Calling rooms
Coffee and drinks
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Enhanced Focus

Escape distractions like children, YouTube, constant snacking, or pesky mosquitoes. Our space is designed to keep you immersed in your work.

Comfortable Setup

Desk - full-sized. Chair with headrest, armrests, and firm lumbar support. Ample space for both your legs and creative thoughts.

Breathe well
Temperature, humidity, CO2 levels – all tweaked to let the brain work at full speed. You can choose the place for you where it's colder or warmer, up to you.
It's quiet. Quite productive.

We came here for work, not for chatter.

The working area is quiet at all times, thanks to the designated calling rooms and the inner garden.

Monthly membership

16 workplaces, 3 calling rooms

Available desks left


฿6000 / month
— Dedicated comfortable and personalized workplace
— Fast and stable internet, drinking water, calling rooms
— 24/7 access
— Comfortable temperature and ventilation
from ฿500 / month
Message us 'Test day wanted' on any of our messengers
+66 952810145
145/1 Moo 4 Sub-District of Maret
Opening in September, 2023
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